Update 9/20:

SMOS Inventory:

SMOS inventory is fairly well dried up.  Lowers and Uppers are gone, but we have a few AFDE builders packs left with 15" hybrid rails.  We are NOT going to break the sets up.  Doesn't hurt to still inquire about parts as we find stuff about here and there that we forgot about that was set aside or customer has backed out on.  Builders packs and barrels are now gone.  We have limited rails/hand-guards available if you are still looking to match that upper or simply looking for a lighter weight, clean looking rail in most colors at the moment.  We have SMOS ejection port pocket doors.  Flat ejection port doors are now out of stock.  Call if you want one as we find them laying around the shop now and again shoved in odd places.  What SMOS gear is left will likely be the last you will get your hands on from the retail side.


We are expecting our camera shipment by Mid October.  Keep checking in for updates.  We are on the next shipment!



Welcome to FIVE ZERO THREE Guns!  We have a 07 (manufacturer) FFL license and a class 02 (manufacturer) SOT with primary focus on the AR platform including gun-smithing and transfers by appointment only.  We can do muzzle attachment pin and welds!  If you have questions or are interested in more information or products that are not listed on the website, please don't hesitate to contact us!  Yes we can get you suppressors, pistols, rifles, and other stuff.

We are down to earth, NO BULL SHIT KIND OF PEOPLE who love the outdoors and our GUNS!  No over-hyped marketing, no pressure to buy, no gimmicks, just quality parts and guns that we use personally or have 1st hand experience with.  We don't care about the "who's who" game, the lifestyle brands or over hyped marketing.

Some of our favorite, but not limited to or in any particular order, manufacturers in the PNW are Black Hole Weaponry, Stubborn Mule Outdoor Supply, Tactical Solutions, Sharps Bros, Aero Precision, Radian Weapons, Primary Weapons Systems, Seekins, Warne, B.E. Meyers, V Seven Weapon Systems, and Boot Leg.