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Dog Boots Made By Hunters For Hunters
Since 1949 In The USA

Hunting, search and rescue (SAR's), protection, and senior dogs will benefit from the use of Lewis Dog Boots.

Those who have hard working dogs know its not if, but when, your dog will inevitably get a foot or pad injury.  Cuts, bruises, punctures or worse, blown pads, can be season enders while the injury heals.  Here is a real solution to prevent those injury's or senior dogs from falling down on slick surfaces hurting themselves.  The boot excels in protecting the pads from extreme ground temperatures and varied terrain hazards like cheatgrass, foxtails, cactus, briers, and thorns.

Lewis Dog Boots are made of a flexible, pliable, tire rubber ensuring the dog can move naturally and freely without fatigue.  The boots also feature a tread pattern that enhances traction and the life of the boot!

Available in your choice of size in either a vented or non-vented boot.

Vented boots are breathable maintaining healthy feet and drain water that the boot may have been submerged in while in the field.  Non-Vented boots are great for when the temperature drops and you want to protect the dogs feet from snow or ice potentially entering the boot.

We personally use Lewis Dog Boots on our German Shorthairs.  Our dogs run an average of 22+ miles a day in the canyons and rim rocks of Eastern Oregon.  If the Garmin Alpha is to be believed they have even been known to run 60+ miles in a day on out of state hunts as well.  We assure you this can't be done with out booting the dogs up at some point during the season.  Its hard on the feet, especially over multiple days!  Don't let preventable injury's put your dog out of service.  Life is just too short not to be in the field with your best friend(s) or ugly dog if you should own one of those!  We don't judge!  Honestly!  We just prefer the refined "indy cars" over the ugly dog "monster trucks" of the versatile dog world.  Your mileage may vary!

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