About Slip 2000

What is Slip 2000?
Slip 2000 is the main brand that SPS Marketing Inc. has introduced to the gun industry. This brand consists of gun lubricants, gun cleaners and cleaning accessories including EWL, Carbon Killer, 725, The Brush Buddy and so much more.

Our purpose behind Slip 2000 was to give the American gun industry the best lubricants and cleaners on the market while addressing both human health and environmental issues, and we have. Slip 2000 has been able to provide non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable gun lubricants and cleaners that out perform anything else on the market and our revolutionary new ideas are changing the industry by continuing to improve on faster and safer ways to clean your weapons.

In an industry filled with tradition and loyalty we are growing one customer at a time by living up to our promise that our products will do exactly what we say they will. Once you try our products you too will see why Slip 2000 is the fastest growing name in the industry not only in the United States but around the World.

About SPS Marketing, Inc.
Our goal has been to develop and bring to you, the consumer, the absolute best, safest and most cost-effective gun care product line the Gun industry has ever seen. (I also wanted to spend more time shooting and less time cleaning.)

I think you will agree that the "well known" products are not always the best or safest for your application, much less your personal health.

Not only have we developed a product line that is user friendly and environmentally safe, but we are changing the way the entire gun industry "from the gun manufacturers to the end users" are addressing gun care and maintenance.

From Law Enforcement Agencies to the Department of the US Customs and the Border the World Class Shooters in Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap and Cowboy Action groups, the Slip 2000 product line is fast becoming the choice of champions and professional shooters around the world today.

I would also like to thank the many gunsmiths, range masters and armors from around the world that have made the switch to the Slip 2000 product line.

After you have looked through our site, if you feel that you still have questions, or if you would just like to speak to one of our team shooters, please give us a call. We would be pleased to help in any way we can.

We look forward to sharing new and exciting products in the coming year, so please check back soon for more details.

I would like to personally welcome you to the home of Slip 2000 Products and to thank you for looking at and considering the purchase of any of our fine products.


Greg Conner
Slip 2000™ / SPS Marketing Inc.