Anderson Manufacturing

About Anderson Rifles

Now in our 50th year, Anderson Manufacturing has provided quality manufacturing services for a wide variety of end users from automotive, to medical to weaponry.

We have supported our troops, made automobiles more dependable, and provided solutions for hundreds of manufacturing problems.

We have manufactured parts for hundreds of thousands of AR-15 rifles. We are making history with the invention of the world’s only AR-15 that never needs oiling.


With continuous improvement of our facilities and equipment, including installation of over 20 new Mazak Horizontal Machining Centers and Multi-Axis Turning Centers, we are unique in our commitment to grow, and grow better. With reviews on a regular basis of our management policies, and production techniques, we strive for excellence in all we do for you.

As opposed to other rifle companies, Anderson builds our own parts. We spare no expense. We utilize the latest in computerized manufacturing. The aluminum used in our uppers and lowers is 7075T6, 3x beyond aircraft specifications and quite simply the strongest aluminum on the planet. Our state-of-the-art Mazak Horizontal Machining Centers ensure that your rifle is perfect in every way.

We take pride in our company and in the USA. Nearly 40% of our 100+ workforce are US Veterans. Take our virtual tour to get a feel for what it means to own an Anderson Rifle.

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